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BASE Vision Foundation — been registered under the India Section- 8 ( NPO/NGO ) Registration in the 07 April month and year 2020 with Registered Section 12A ( PRN : AAICB9768K20206 / 2021 ) and 80G ( URN : AAICB9768KF20229 ) of the Income Tax Act 1961, NITI Aayog Unique ID No : TS/2020/0256515.., #CSR 00007619.., and #MSMERegistration No : TS-02-0034232 /2021… Startup Recognized:- DIPP101016..of ( Government of India 🇮🇳 )

The BASE Vision Foundation has been Affiliated to Universal Diplomatic Affairs of Human Rights ( https://www.udahr.org)and Accreditation with The European Union…


The Base Vision Foundation is a Worldwide non-profit, charitable.., non-governmental, politically and religiously neutral humanitarian response agency involved in disaster response.., first response.., search and rescue.., life-guarding.., front-line activism.., advocacy and skills-sharing ngos organisation…,

Our strength lies in our volunteer and ngos network of community-based humanitarian workers.., medics.., first-aiders.., first responders.., lifeguards.., rescue workers.., activists.., advocates.., lobbyists.., and educators who offer their skills in service For all humanity.., We actively persuade decision makers to act at all times in the interests of vulnerable or at risk people and communities.., We were created to enable all interested humanitarian workers.., to offer their skills.., in particularly, as first-aider’s and first responders covering high risk events and lifeguard cover.., to enable medical and healthcare professionals and our Base Vision Foundation – BVF- Chairperson ( https:// www.drtbn.in) to offer their skills as humanitarian medics for the promotion of humanitarian community public health.., to improve humanitarian standards.., to poverty regions.., disaster stricken or disaster vulnerable regions.., to enable all interested humanitarian rescue workers to offer their skills in those disaster stricken regions.., and to provide education programs in disaster awareness.., preparation & prevention.., survival skills.., emergency planning in disaster vulnerable regions…, Our programs help us improve humanitarian standards.., assist as partners in response to disasters.., enable safe.., secure and healthy communities.., reduce vulnerabilities, strengthen resilience.., and promote a culture of peace around the world…, 

We operate the All India Federation of Mother Teresa’s Social Organizations (Al FMT SO) –  – Supported with Affiliated Regd.non-governmental organizations for humanitarian agency that reaches out through its 120 National Societies throughout the world.., We also operate the Committee of the NGO /NPO heads and a number of other component NGOS humanitarian agencies such as the Federation for Charity Works.., Philanthropist with our Chief Patron Mr Srinivas Kaveti ( www.kavetilaw.com )…

The Base Vision Foundation  – ( BVF ) –  fundamental objective is to work to guide and support the development of its bilateral partner component agencies.., to provide capacity building support.., and it does this in cooperation with other partner NGOs that form the NPO/ NGO Federation with csr heads.., 

#DrBadrinarayanaT – Chairperson…
#Kaveti Srinivas Rao – Chief Patron …
#EdwardSamuel #Founder/MD
#Mrs Leena Niveditha Samuel – Director…
#Mrs Zoya Mahveen – Spokesperson…
Broad of Director’s.,
#NPO #NGO #Regd #Nitt Aayog Govt.of.India and #CSR Activities Regd.Under Ministry of Corporate Affairs
#MSMERegistration and Under #MCA #12A #80G #IncomeTax #Startup India 🇮🇳

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Who We Are

BASE VISION FOUNDATION has been registered under the India Section- 8 (NPO/NGO)
Registration in the 07 April month and year 2020 with Registered Section 12A (PRN:
AAICB9768K20206 / 2021) and 80G (URN: AAICB9768KF20229) of the Income Tax Act 1961, NITI Aayog Unique ID No: TS/2020/0256515., #CSR 00007619(Government of India). Now BASE VISION FOUNDATION, got NGO/NPO is Startup Recognition. Now has been approved with DIPP101016

As per Section 8(1a, 1b, 1c) of the Companies Act, 2013, a Section 8 company can be
established for the “promotion of commerce, art, science, sports, education, research, social welfare, religion, charity, protection of environment or any such other object”. The Act further states that a Section 8 company can purse the above objects subject to the condition that it “intends to apply its profits, if any, or other income in promoting its objects” and “intends to prohibit the payment of any dividend to its members.”. In simple terms, a Section 8 company must promote a public cause and the proceeds generated by the entity must solely be used to support the stated public cause(s) only.

Base Vision Foundation

Base Vision Foundation endeavors to make people aware of their inalienable right to live with dignity made possible with justice - social, economic, and political, while undertaking research and analysis of the policies and procedures of Government and non-Government AGENCIES to evolve better solutions and conduct activities for effective advocacy of the same.

A just society where the sense of responsibility among its constituents towards 'self and 'the other' are not contradictory, because of the realization that the common good and the individual good complement each other.



BASE VISION FOUNDATION is very focused on solving the problem of a weak education system in our society, we find the problem by looking at it on the spot and solve it immediately, we target the underprivileged part of society and that’s why they need school Education. as a priority to know their rights, to know what the government is doing for them, to be responsible citizens and to develop their group, their family, their community and also to support the development of the country.

Through its volunteers, our outreach organization provides education for poor children who, due to a lack of funds, do not receive an education and are forced to make a living through child labor.

We work with a plan and a strategy because we have many opportunities to develop education in our field, namely Skill-based learning, rural education, gender-neutral education, teacher training,  and basic computer education in rural areas because we believe that work is the main education there. We should start with small projects and after their success, grow into big education-based initiatives, like schools, classes, etc.





DR BADRI NARAYANA TUMULUA senior cardiologist by profession and a caring person when it comes to his patients. Filled with compassion and was a warm-hearted person. He is known for the cordial relationship that he has with his patients. He has an experience of thirty-three years in which
he took an insight into how Buddha looked at suffering and that he used to apply it to his patients.
Buddha gave a philosophical solution to his problem but he decided to give a natural solution to the
problem instead of medically curing it. While focusing on preventive health care and health promotion
he took care of the equitable distribution of primary health care. With a sincere concern for public
health in the mid of his busy schedule, he passes his free time by conducting social and community
health camps. As an advocate of social justice, he organizes camps in remote and rural areas where
no medical facilities exist especially for the socially and economically backward sections of society.

His vision in his own words “Improvement of public health and medical education in India to unconditionally enhance the accessibility of quality medical health to all.”

Founder/Managing Director Profile



 Edward Samuel is a man who had a passion for charity and it started in his childhood. today he is known for his selfless social service. He didn’t choose social service but social service chose him. He got motivated by the most famous saint Mother Teresa, DR Ambedkar, and Gandhi Ji. He began his mission by forming a team of young people to treat the sick and needy, especially at funerals. The people who live in lower strata of society included supplying free-of-cost notebooks and other study material to students and medical kits for adults who were poverty stricken besides arranging free medical aid and medical checkup camps and conducting awareness camps for thrift, self-help, etc. He took a paralegal service as a complimentary career to fulfill the wish of helping the uneducated and needy who were caught in legal complications.

               He is on a list of recipients of a number of awards but not to miss he also his name as the recipient of Participating Award for making an official entry in the Guinness Book of World Records, which is a rare distinction that speaks volumes about his life and work.

Guinness Book of the world records ( Participated Past @ 25 years in Humanitarian Works and Noble & Social Cause Projects Participated ) Selected & Recognize At Guinness Book of the world Records.