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All India Federation of Mother Teresa’s Social Organizations – ( AI FMT SO ) Affiliated with Base Vision Foundation and Regd.NGOs Organizations Heads for Charity Works

BASE Vision Foundation — been registered under the India – Section- 8 ( NPO/NGO ) Registration on – 07 April month and Year 2020 in the National Level Registered NGO ( Regd.NPO No : 118328 ).., Pan Card No : AAICB9768K.., 12A ( PRN : AAICB9768K20206 / 2021 ) and 80G ( URN : AAICB9768KF20229 ) of the Income Tax Act 1961.., NITI Aayog Unique ID No : TS/2020/0256515.., #CSR 00007619.., and #MSMERegistration No : TS-02-0034232 /2021… Startup India Recognized – DIPP101016…( Government of India ) … The BASE Vision Foundation has been – Affiliated to Universal Diplomatic Affairs of Human Rights – ( )..,

The Base Vision Foundation is a Worldwide non-profit, charitable.., non-governmental, politically and religiously neutral humanitarian response agency involved in disaster response.., first response.., search and rescue.., life-guarding.., front-line activism.., advocacy and skills-sharing ngos organisation…,

Our strength lies in our volunteer and ngos network of community-based humanitarian workers.., medics.., first-aiders.., first responders.., lifeguards.., rescue workers.., activists.., advocates.., lobbyists.., and educators who offer their skills in service For all humanity.., 

Base Vision Foundation

We actively persuade decision makers to act at all times in the interests of vulnerable or at risk people and communities.., We were created to enable all interested humanitarian workers.., to offer their skills.., in particularly.., as first-aider’s and first responders covering high risk events and lifeguard cover.., to enable medical and healthcare professionals and our Base Vision Foundation – BVF- Chairperson ( https:// to offer their skills as humanitarian medics for the promotion of humanitarian community public health.., to improve humanitarian standards.., to poverty regions.., disaster stricken or disaster vulnerable regions.., to enable all interested humanitarian rescue workers to offer their skills in those disaster stricken regions.., and to provide education programs in disaster awareness.., preparation & prevention.., survival skills.., emergency planning in disaster vulnerable regions…, Our programs help us improve humanitarian standards.., assist as partners in response to disasters.., enable safe.., secure and healthy communities.., reduce vulnerabilities, strengthen resilience.., and promote a culture of peace around the world…, 

We operate the Social and Noble Cause Projects with All India Federation of Mother Teresa’s Social Organizations (Al FMT SO – )  –  Affiliated with Regd.non-governmental organizations – ( Past 25 years ) for humanitarian agency that reaches out through its 120 National Societies throughout the world.., We also operate the Committee of the NGO /NPO heads and a number of other component NGOS humanitarian agencies such as the Federation for Charity Works..,

The Base Vision Foundation  – ( BVF ) –  fundamental objective is to work to guide and support the development of its bilateral partner component agencies.., to provide capacity building support.., and it does this in cooperation with other partner NGOs that form the NPO/ NGO Federation with csr heads — ( past two years)..,

NGOs Organizations Heads for Charity Works

DrBadrinarayanaT #EdwardSamuel #Founders #NPO #NGO #Regd #Nitt Aayog ( Govt.of.India ) and #CSR Activities Regd.Under Ministry of Corporate Affairs
MSMERegistration and Under #MCA #12A #80G #IncomeTax…

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# 8-1-284/OU/486 O U Colony Shaikpet SIDEBY RELIANCE TOWERS Jubilee Hills Hyderabad – Telangana. Pincode : – 500008
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