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BASE Vision Foundation – National NGO Registration ( Section- 8), ( Ministry Of Corporate Affairs – Govt.of.India ), the Year 2020, with Registration 12A & 80G Certification under Income Tax department 12A ( PRN: AAICB9768K20206 / 2021 ) and 80G ( URN: AAICB9768KF20229 ) of the Income Tax Act 1961, NITI Aayog Unique ID No: TS/2020/0256515.., #CSR 00007619.., and #MSMERegistration No: TS-02-0034232 /2021… Startup Recognized:- DIPP101016..of ( Government of India 🇮🇳 )

The BASE Vision Foundation has been Affiliated with Universal Diplomatic Affairs of Human Rights ( has Accreditation with The European Union…


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DR BADRI NARAYANA TUMULUA is a senior cardiologist and Founder / Chairperson of Base Vision Foundation and Free Dr. TBN Clinics by Profession and a caring person when it comes to his patients. Filled with compassion and was a warm-hearted person. He is known for the cordial relationship that he has with his patients. He has an experience of thirty-three years in which he took an insight into how Buddha looked at suffering and that he used to apply to his patients. Buddha gave a philosophical solution to his problem but he decided to give a natural solution to the problem instead of medically curing it. While focusing on preventive health care and health promotion he took care of the equitable distribution of primary health care.

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Edward Samuel is a man who had a passion for charity and it started in his childhood. today he is known for his selfless social service. He didn’t choose social service but social service chose him. He got motivated by the most famous saint Mother Teresa, DR Ambedkar, and Gandhi Ji. He began his mission by forming a team of young people to treat the sick and needy, especially at Humanitarian Works.

Guinness Book of the world records ( 25 year’s in Humanitarian Works and Noble & Social Cause Projects Participated )

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Your donation will help us save and improve lives with research, education, and emergency care.

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Base vision foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides free education to poor students. The foundation was established with the goal of helping underprivileged children receive a quality education. Our organization for spreads education, through its volunteers, it provides education to poor children, who are deprived of their education due to lack of resources, and get entangled in things like child labor for livelihood. We work with a plan and strategy like we have many ways to develop education in our area, those are Skill-based learning, Rural Education, Gender neutral education, Teacher Training, and Basic computing education in the rural areas because we believe basic work so that we should start by small initiatives and after the success of these we have to be big projects based on Education like schools and tuitions, etc.

The organization conducted the program in the Hyderabad District of Telangana State. Our community decides to start implementing a health plan to keep people alive in several villages in Hyderabad province.

The camp offered free medical and dental check-ups, as well as consultations and treatments by qualified doctors and specialists. the organization also initiated a family protection program to reduce the birth rate to the level necessary to stabilize the population at a level consistent with the needs of the economy.

The foundation has organized welfare programs for families in many places in the province of Telangana. The literacy rate in the state is very low and people should know that a small family is a healthy family. With this plan, the goal of the community is to provide family planning services in the broader context of maternal and child health. It provides information and education so couples can make informed decisions about family size and birth control using birth control.

When it comes to safeguarding our society, non-governmental organizations are frontline battlers. “BASE VISION FOUNDATION” also played a vital role in relief activities by reaching more than a hundred stranded families.

By adhering to all safety and hygiene measures, BASE VISION FOUNDATION has begun its relief services. Covid Kindness Project and JEEVAN RATH is a Free Relief Camp Done by BVF and a mobile van supported by BVF. We are distributing free Dry Ration Kits & Hygiene products packets, and providing a meal or packed grocery kits are given to underprivileged Families Staying in Urban, Rural Slum Areas, Daily Wages Families, and remote tribal areas. But we need your prayers and blessings with support and help by donating to BASE VISION FOUNDATION

• Environmental Awareness Camps
• Vocational Training Programs
• Rural Development Program
• Survey & Documentation
• National Integration Camps


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Your donation will help us save and improve lives with research, education, and emergency care.


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