Israel 🇮🇱 Global Trade Council ( IGTC )

Your thoughts become your words..,
your words become your actions..,
your actions become your habits..,
your habits become your values 🙌 … join with us IGTC …
Indo – Israel 🇮🇱 Friendship Association ( IIFA) & Global Israel 🇮🇱 Friendship Forum ( GIFF ) Dubai UAE 🇦🇪…with Adam Raj Dekkapaty – Founder/ Chairman.,
And his Teams for Honorary Doctorates Conferences in the Globe 🌎
Chapter’s … Israel 🇮🇱 Global Trade Council – ( IGTC )…
How great it would be to have top-notch Entrepreneurs and business owners of the Globe 🌎 in your network list ???
Well .., It can be done over a cup of coffee only at IGTC.., Israel 🇮🇱.., Dubai UAE 🇦🇪.., India🇮🇳.., Singapore 🇸🇬 .., Malaysia 🇲🇾.., Thailand 🇹🇭 .., Kenya 🇰🇪 Africa..; Australia 🇦🇺.., UK 🇬🇧.., USA 🇺🇸.., New Zealand 🇳🇿.., Coffee Meets !!! Join us…With Membership fees…@ Group Chairman – Dr. Adam Raj Dekkapaty and Founder Circles.
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@ Edward Samuel – Founder / MD of www.basevisionfoundation.com

Edward Samuel

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it… The time will pass anyway… Finally.., we accomplished Meet & Greet highly motivated persons… LEGAL ADVISOR.., International Lawyer.., Advocate ( India) Solicitor ( England & Wales) Notary Public ( New York, USA)… Mr.Srinivas Kaveti Garu… Welcome to India 🇮🇳… & Brother Adam Dekkapaty Garu – Founder/ Chairman of IIFA… God bless you and your family Members and Teams !!! I am eternally grateful to my parents and We’ll Wishers … enabled me to succeed in this pristine advent with Prayers and blessings… Israel 🇮🇱 Global Trade Council – IGTC… @ www.basevisionfoundation.com