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Social Entrepreneur & Worker (Faith-Based), Recognize and Select At ( Guinness World Records) Achievement Participated in ( Humanitarian and social cause projects) past 255 years of distinctive track record & ( ” The World Book Of Records’ recognized with Certificate of Commitment” ) and achieving goals and entrepreneurial energy with broad experience as a social worker, freelance consultant for various N.G.O’s, Network Organizations Members and as a Co-coordinator, Advisor, Project Manager, For Social Security Schemes & Free Legal Aid Schemes, N.G.O’s Consultancy Services, ( Regd: UnderMSME Govt. Of Indian, Past 12 Years With Self funded ).


Social Worker & National Executive Member ( UDAHAR @www.udahr.org)National General Board with working jurisdiction Union of India for Universal Diplomatic affairs of Human Rights in the category of Activism Rights and Social welfare.
Advisory Committee Member (NGO-SOCIAL WORKER)For implementation, monitoring, and reporting of social welfare schemes related to Prime Minister’s New 15-Point Programme minorities, schemes, and Social Security Schemes
Responsible for Monitoring the schemes, reviewing the progress of the program in reference to physical targets and financial outlays, and submitting a report to various committees at State, and Govt. levels, and organizations.
Co-coordinator, Advisor, Assistant (As an NGO Member)For various (Non-Government Organizations worked in various positions as a policy advisor, and campaign manager, served as a negotiator facilitator between prominent public officials , inter-acted, and communicated with secretaries, heads of departments & I.A.S. officials.
Was involved in business reviewing progress, obtaining feedback resolving problems, and providing clarifications & suggestions as might be needed in Social Security Schemes in India.
Freelance Consultant, Volunteer (Social Entrepreneur)To various N.G.O.s, helped various officials in process of securing funds, and financial resources for welfare schemes and Legal Aid for the benefit of socially, economically, and weaker sections, was a Programme performance reporter, actively involved in preparing, and designing progress reports of schemes, submitted evaluation/impact studies to reputed institutions/agencies of ministries of Govt. of India, and States Govt. and Started own – NGO Consultancy Services for Business Startups.
Community Organiser,
Campaign Manager
(As a Social Worker )
Was responsible for mobilizing human, and political resources, was a campaign manager required to generate community awareness of various government welfare programs by planning, conducting, and promoting the benefits of schemes through public meetings, seminars, exhibitions, canvassing, and conducting of workshops in Government of India on MSME, Past 11 Years conducting” free medical camps& Legal Aid, for weaker sections.
Required to generate Awareness, analysis, Advocacy, and charity work through various print, internet & online media.
Developed press releases for newspapers, newsletters & magazines.
Trainer for Social Workers ( with Network NGOs Organizations Committee Members )Was a trainer to heads of NGOs, social enterprises, and social workers. PMs15 PP(Welfare for Minorities). With my experience, interaction with various govt. officials, political leaders, and like-minded social workers involved with coaching, guiding, and instructing various public leaders, govt. officials, about various welfare schemes & funding resources.
OrganizationPosition held
Base Vision Foundation (Regd: NPO/NGO: 2020Founder / Managing Director
(http:// www.basevisionfoundation .com)
GUNNESS WORLD RECORDSOfficial participant (Certificate awarded Social entrepreneur 2019 for Humanitarian and Social Cause Projects).
(Regd.@NCR Delhi)
National Vice-President – South India Restoration of the deprived Rights & Privileges entitled to the Christian Community Suppression as Micro Ministry.
Prime Minister New 15-point program (Welfare of monitories)Ex. Member Dist. level committee, recommended by Chairman of PM15PP Govt. of AP. The year 2010 ( NGO – Social Worker).
Bishop’s Commission Member Churches of South India (CSI) at St Thomas SPG Church -SecunderabadConformation in the Protestant churches under ( Medak Diocese) 1989 year with ( CSI Bishop & Moderator Certification Awarded 2005 for Social Worker).
NGO’s Consultancy Services – ( REG.MSME )Founder / Proprietor (2011 year)
All India Federation of Mother Teresa’s social organization – ( AI FMT SO ) – ( A unit of NGO’s Action Network Welfare Society- Regd. )NGOs Network Chairman for Charity Works Affiliated with Regd. NGOs Committee Members from the 2010 Year
Govt. of India MSME under NI-MSME.
Training for trainers in Entrepreneurship. (Certification Awarded 2010 for NGO).


  • Awarded certificate for # Social Service for Christian Community by the Most. Rev. Dr. B.P. Sugandhar, Bishop in Medak, Moderator, Church of South India, date. 03-12-2005. Awarded certification for trainers in #Entrepreneurship development for NGOs awarded by MSME Govt. of India, the year 2010.
  • Appointed as a member of # District Advisory Committee on PM 15 PP & Andhra Pradesh State Christian (Minorities) Finance Corporation, Dt. 17-01-2012.
  • Letter of appreciation on completion of 10 years of # Best Social Service awarded by Confederation of A.P. Consumers Organization, date. 07-07-2014.
  • Certification Awarded for #Certificate of Attendance DUBAI, INTERNATIONAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT FORUM (DIPMF) 2016 (Earning 12 PDUS) Year 2016.
  • World Conference on Clinical Legal Education, Legal AID & Human Rights 2017, 2018 under All India Law Teachers Congress, Knowledge Steez Institutes.
  • Participated Successfully in Comprehensive on# Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R) Conducted by the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, (IICA) Campus New Delhi. (India) The year 2016.
  • Appreciated Recognition of your dedication and contribution of voluntary services as Para Legal Volunteer for the successful conducting of legal services programs for the (3 years 2016-2018)for effective implementation and monitoring NALSA/ DLSA Hyderabad, Received by Hon’ble G. Sudarshan Senior Civil Judge Cum Secretary (City Civil Court, Legal Service Authority, Hyd, T.S).
  • Awarded& Certification For as a # Best Para Legal Volunteer Year 2018, on Observation National Legal Services Day, By Hon’ble Smt. P. Sree Sudha Chief Judge Cum-Chairperson, Telangana State Legal Service Authority. T.S. India.
  • Awarded NGO’s Organizations Best Social Entrepreneur and Worker (Nathan’s Learning Forum) Leadership Award 2018 &“ NGO- VDM-INDIAN ON THE MOVE- 2018”.
  • Appreciation award for completing 10 Years As a Social Entrepreneur with admiration & gratitude to recognition for efforts to help unite in Christians Minorities Community for the greater good by Christian Regional Aaradana T.V. Channel owners and Team Members. The year 2019.
  • Recognition & Appreciation Awarded for best NGO’S Network chairman at (AI FMT SO)worked Past 16 years on the occasion of May day celebrations 2019, “Memorial of G.Venkata Swami Srama Shakthi Award – 2019”. By selection committee members (INTUC, FTTU, other NGOs)
  • Participated in social cause projects (11 Years )“ Free Medical Camps & Relief Camps” Recogionised and selected in the year 2019 at Guinness Worlds Records for Social cause with NGOs Network Projects.
  • Participated in ” The World Book of Records “( UK – INDIA – SWITZERLAND) ( WBR) Issued the ” Certificate of Commitment” significantly recognize and capabilities in world records through international Certification for contribution for humanity and universal peace followed by WHO (Base Vision Foundation ) – 2020-21 @ https://www.bvfngo.com

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